Onboarding Programs

Twin Peaks Research develops custom onboarding programs that reduce your “leaky bucket” revenue losses. You can select specific services based on your individual priorities, resources, and implementation schedule:

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Attrition Analysis

Drawing on your own company data (sales histories, tech support numbers, Web traffic analysis, satisfaction surveys, and general customer feedback) we’ll identify major and minor problem areas in your current onboarding process. This analysis will help you see where the highest-value improvements can be made, and will provide cost guidelines for implementation.

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Getting Started

We can create multi-media videos, interactive webinars, embedded instructions, and demo scripts that will increase user success during their first exposure to a new product. This "Getting Started' process will enable you to track your prospects from their initial purchase to proficiency and, finally, through to value creation with your product.  We’ll also suggest best practices for personal account management and tech support.

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Basic Training Courses

We’ll develop a custom program for your first-level onboarding training.

  • Program Design: We’ll identify your key training audiences and the instructional content that each group needs. We’ll also make recommendations about logistics (e.g., live training classes, online training, video-based instruction, on-site classes, etc.), pricing (free vs. fee-based), instructor requirements, recruitment and training, and the registration process.
  • Curriculum Development: We’ll review your existing training materials (if you have any) and suggest improvements. We can also develop a completely new curriculum for you with content presentation based on our highly-rated teaching methodologies..
  • Instructor Recruitment: We’ll recruit and train a core group of instructors for you, drawing on your internal staff and user community experts.
  • Testing: If it’s important to verify that users have successfully completed a training program, we’ll develop an appropriate testing or certification process for you.
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Advanced Training

For many products, there’s a core group of influential power users who are eager to learn about more advanced features and capabilities. We can develop instructional materials based on several different approaches.

  • “Tips and Tricks” Subscriptions: Our preferred approach is to provide advanced users with a weekly 10-minute video explanation of a single advanced feature or capability.
  • Deep Dive Tutorials: For instruction about a relatively complex topic, we’ve found that the best approach is a lengthy (six to ten hours) video that the viewer can explore segment-by-segment on demand.
  • New Feature Workshops: As part of major product announcements, we recommend half-day training workshops that are offered in conjunction with other marketing events like a Developers Conference that attract technically-oriented prospects and power users.
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Mentoring and Custom Consulting

Some new customers have basic skills but need help with certain topics or solving specific issues; or, they are looking for access to an expert on an 'on call' basis. We can develop a mentoring service that provides these customers with the access to your training instructors in small blocks of time (say, in 10 hour increments). Often, the training curriculum we've originally developed for group instruction can be repurposed for use in this way. This is also an effective way to provide live training courses for those located remotely.