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Twin Peaks Research is dedicated to your customer onboarding success.

Our mission at Twin Peaks Research is to provide you with high-quality, customized onboarding services. These fully integrated services will enable your customers to quickly move beyond their initial purchase decision to a level of proficiency that produces success and ongoing engagement with complex products in the shortest amount of time possible. This, in turn, will dramatically minimize customer churn and maximize their long-term satisfaction and commitment, while bolstering revenue performance.



Mark Flanagan

Mark Flanagan

Mark has over twenty-five years of experience introducing breakthrough products and services in emerging technology markets.

He is currently the Founder and CEO of Twin Peaks Research (TPR). TPR provides technology companies with the customized onboarding services they need to ensure that their customers can quickly move from their initial purchase decision to a level of proficiency that produces success and ongoing engagement with their products and/or services in the shortest amount of time possible.

TPR's first customer was Alpha Software. TPR created a full portfolio of onboarding services for developers using Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Software's rapid mobile application development platform. These services included product training courses, instructional videos, advisory services like mentoring, and even contract development services.

In addition, Mark was the Co-founder and CEO of TEAMworks Software, eVisioner, Envox Worldwide, and Brooktrout Software.

He was also the President, CEO & Publisher of Lotus Publishing Corporation, which served the information and training needs of the Lotus Development customer-base through Lotus Magazine, Lotus Newsletters, Lotus Books, Lotus Videos and Courseware, and the Lotus World Conference and Exposition.

Finally, he has held senior management positions at Kurzweil Applied Intelligence, Inc., International Data Group, Lotus Development Corporation and General Computer Corporation.

Mark graduated from the University of Rochester and attended the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.


We’ve developed a customer onboarding process that we’re proud of. And, one that we know that you’ll be proud to implement.

Customer satisfaction means everything to us. We want your experience with Twin Peaks Research to be unparalleled. If you ever feel that you have not received high-quality, professional onboarding services from us, we want to know about it immediately. You can contact Mark Flanagan, our Founder and CEO, directly and he will get back to you right away.